Welcome to Walnut Street Elementary

Mission Statement
The William Penn School District, having high expectations and accountability for all, is committed to a continuous learning ethic that promotes student achievement and prepares students to make positive choices.

Vision Statement

In a safe and nurturing environment, the William Penn School District, in cooperation with its communities, will assume responsibility for engaging students in diverse and challenging learning experiences.  High expectations and accountability will be established for students and staff.  It is our vision to develop classrooms that engage students fully in their learning, where students work independently and in groups, and where the importance of continuous learning is emphasized.  Our schools will become places where students develop the skills to make positive choices in their lives.

Shared Values

(Values listed as belief statements)  

  • We believe that every individual has worth.
  • We believe that every individual can learn.
  • We believe that education is a right as well as a privilege.
  • We believe that students, parents, and community working in partnership promote lifelong learning.
  • We believe that every individual in the learning community is entitled to a safe and healthy environment.
  • We believe that every individual is entitled access to opportunities that develop one’s potential.
  • We believe that our community’s diversity is a strength.
  • We believe that knowledge is the result of active and purposeful learning.
  • We believe that students have a responsibility for their learning.
  • We believe that teachers have a responsibility for their students’ learning.
  • We believe that the community has a responsibility for educating its youth.
Walnut Street is Proud to Report
Assemblies for student Recognition and Special Topics
Bingo Night
Reading Night
Math Night
Harvest Fest
Read Across America
Annual Quarter Race Food Drive
Movie Night
Holiday Shoppe
Respect Program
Talent Show
Family Fun Night
Student Council
First In Math
Instrumental Band
Boy Scouts
Band of Brothers/Circle of Sisters
Scholastic Book Fair
PBS Behavior Support Program
Family Programs such as Donuts With Dads and Muffins with Mom
We Support organizations such as:
The Leukemia Foundation